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Yohei Watanabe

渡邉 庸平


“untitled” 2022, wood, size variable


渡邉 庸平

1990 年福島県⽣まれ、東京都在住。主な展覧会に、「Spoon」(個展) HAGIWARA

PROJECTS (2023, 東京)「Labender Hair」imlabor (2021, 東京)、「The Mug Blues」

LAVENDER OPENER CHAIR (2020, 東京)、「Giant Chorus」( 個展 ) HAGIWARA

PROJECTS (2019, 東京)、「4 boxes and pyramids」4649(2018, 東京)、「群⻘」児⽟画

廊(2017, 東京)、「猫の肌理、雲が裏返る光」( 個展 ) KomagomeSOKO(2017, 東京)、

「SPVI II」Turner Gallery (2015, 東京)、「THE EXPOSED#9 passing pictures」 g/p

Gallery 東 雲(2015, 東京)、「at work」東京芸術⼤学 Yuga Gallery(2013, 東京)、など。

Yohei Watanabe

Born in 1990, Fukushima Prefecture. Lives and works in Tokyo. Selected exhibitions include "Spoon" HAGIWARA PROJECTS (2023, Tokyo ), “Labender Hair” imlabor (2021, Tokyo), “The Mug Blues” LAVENDER OPENER CHAIR (2020, Tokyo), “Giant Chorus” (solo) HAGIWARA PROJECTS (2019, Tokyo), “4 boxes and pyramids” 4649 (2018, Tokyo), “Ultramarine” Kodama Gallery (2017, Tokyo), “Texture of Cat, Clouds Reversed in Retina” (solo) KomagomeSOKO (2017, Tokyo), “SPVI II” Turner Gallery (2015, Tokyo), “THE EXPOSED#9 passing pictures” g/p Gallery Shinonome (2015, Tokyo), “at work” Tokyo Art UnivercityYuga Gallery (2013, Tokyo).

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